Our name, our home...

Roots are important. They nourish and give us the strength and stability to flourish. OurFlax name, HauNui Press connects us to those who have gone before, the first people of the land where we live and work.

A simple translation is ‘Big Wind’, a passing nod to the westerly that caresses our raw west coast location. It can also mean ‘Big Ideas’, something writers and photographers tend to air over endless coffees and glasses of wine. But more importantly, it credits the Rangitāne ancestor Haunui-a-Nanaia who, on a journey in ancient times, named the landscape elements we live by today.

Our logo is a reflection of Hau. Derived from an original artwork by our friend, Rangitāne artist and master carver Warren Warbrick, it depicts Hau as a manaia (a spiritual guardian, half man and half bird).  A traveller, a messenger that translates between worlds – a little like the job of the creatives in a publishing company.