Submitting Your Work to Us

As a boutique publishing company HauNui Press ONLY works on projects that have been 'conceived in the Manawatū' and that are (in our minds!)  'epically cool'. They have to be something that ticks all the emotional responses for us. Your project needs to have these core elements for us to be willing to invest our time and energy into helping you bring it to fruition, and must in some way contribute to our wider community.
We, like all publishing companies tend not look at ideas but a completed body of work. We need to see this first along with a succinct description from you about your project so we know where you are coming from and we have confidence you know exactly what it is you are attempting to achieve.  
We operate this small business of ours very much as a business and we need to be able to take projects to our marketing rep to get feedback from a retail sales perspective on things such as: does it have a place in bookshops? who is the target audience? what is the price point? how many copies might sell? what other possibilities exist with it? We cannot do this without your description and the 'almost-completed' work itself, for our book rep needs full information to be able to give us an accurate assessment of the book's potential out there in the land of the reader.

So, to SUBMIT TO US we suggest you:
STEP 1) get in touch with us and see if our current programme has room for a conversation about your project.
STEP 2) if we are keen/able to chat further, then we'll need to see your work -  it needs to be complete and with that 'all important' written description of what you are trying to acheive with it.
STEP 3) if we are interested, we then would talk about what we can offer and how a project like yours can be bought to life.

We operate a very tight ship and we have a very good team of local editors, printers, designers, and sales people etc that we use. They are a key part of what we do, as is the author - for we allow our authors to contribute to the creation of their book in a significant way.  However, we reserve the right to have the final say in all things, and we're not up for authors bringing their own creatives into our publishing process.

This is our starting point for everyone who comes to us! We get a lot of approaches, but we are very willing to look at well-crafted proposals for work that is 'born here in the Manawatū' and help you if we can.
PLEASE NOTE: We do not give out quotes for printing books, as we are not a printing company. We work to bring the entire project to life and contract out many, if not all, the components of book-making to trusted professionals who deliver great results.