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This lo-fi guide to journaling in a hi-tech world from long-time creative journal-er, Helen Lehndorf, seeks to nurture the knack of collaging your life (no computer needed). 

Pick up this beautiful, richly illustrated gem and be inspired to polish the prism of self-reflection and journal your way to self-discovery. Create your own series of ‘personal books’ that provide a home for your mind, savouring life’s moments with scissors and gluestick at the ready. 

Written for anyone seeking creative, lo-fi tools to help contemplate the torrent of life and eddies within, Helen’s warmth, humour and edgy honesty envelops you. A book that reads like a chat with an old friend - comfy, comforting and one that brings out the best in you.

circa 150 pages | full colour | softcover | | A4 format | ISBN: 978-0-473-36777-0 

Helen’s words made it onto the printed page thanks to support from the Earle Creativity Trust www.earletrust.org.nz

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